Back to the streets

There was a time when I was a child, when a camera was not accessible for everyone. That time we still made photos, and the results are still amazing. 

A picture from our family in the 1990’s is just something I couldn’t reproduce nowadays. No family photo would bring the same mood as old film photos did. 
I was in a trift shop some day, where I found a Minolta XG-1. That camera had no lens cap, nobody had an idea if it works, no batteries. I never used a camera like that before. I bought it for 25 euros, bought a batterie, cleaned it, ordered a lens hood, made dons of photos with it. 

There is something in these photos which captures our eyes. The mood, the timelessness, the colors are just made different. Something which brings me back to those times when I was a child. I could remember the scent of 90’s through those moody pictures, the look, the feeling what it brings. The unperfectly perfect. 

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