The camera matters

The camera matters. However, without the photographer, you do not get the photo you would like to see.

I tell you why.
Nowadays the equipment what we have are just absolutely brilliant. Anybody can make nicer photos than 50 years ago. The focus, the photo quality, the ease how the software just works instead of us. But it does not mean, that you get the result without any knowledge. No photoshop can make a bad photo, good. You can replace everything, you can color everything, you can change anything on the photo. But therefore you do not have to photograph at all. You just create something from nothing. You create art. That is not photography.

Photos should tell stories. If it comes to product or an event, portraits or social media boost for companies, that is a different story. But photographers, working on field, telling stories about our everyday life, that hits different. They did it, with filmrolls, and old school cameras, back in the days. 
Ansel Adams made absolutely stunning landscape photos, with a camera worse than an Iphone 6. Technically. The photographer makes a difference. There are certain know-how you need to have to create something unique. 

Buy the best equipment not because it does the job instead of you, just because it helps you, do the job the best it can be.

Photos: Ansel Adams

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